Tanmay & Sweta

Science of Love

They realized they both were staring each other. Slowly, he hold her hand and filled the gaps of her fingers with his. He leaned towards her. She accompanied
Kiran & Shital

More than Friends

Her dreams shattered in a moment. Of course yesterday she made up her mind to part ways, she was prepared to say goodbye and bear the heartache but today she was totally unprepared.
Rakesh & Radhika

The Perfect Couple

In September, he traveled to Dubai and we realized how much we love and miss each other as there were time difference and no means of contact. In October, for the first time ever we spoke on phone after accepting each other love and informed each others family who opposed again but we had to convince as we couldn’t live without each other.
Suraj & Sayali

Love You Forever

And here I am sharing with all of you who are still waiting to be somebody’s last love. Hang in there, the more efforts you put, the more you fail, the greater you will get. Thanks, Cheers !”
Rahul & Sangita

Infinite First Date

“Once in a while, in the middle of an ordinary life, Love gives us a fairy tale”. Fortunately, became a medium through which we could have this moment in our lives. It all started here when our profiles matched with each other and our parents started talking about meeting for the first time. When […]